Eternal Sunshine: the scientific possibility of a spotless mind

24 October, 7:00 pm

1 hrAdultPWYD

Discussion | Health & Medicine, Identity, Science, The Mind

Join a discussion about the scientific possibility of erasing someone’s memories – the idea raised in the cult film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). With an infectious curiosity for understanding the world around us, actor and science communicator Stephen McGann dissects the film’s premise and learns how memories are formed, what happens when we forget and what consciousness has to do with it. You can join the discussion even if you haven’t seen the film, but if you want to watch it before the event, see the links below for options to buy or rent.


Stephen McGann is an English actor, author, and science communicator, best known for portraying Doctor Turner in the medical period drama Call the Midwife. As a passionate science communicator, he uses his powerful narrative skills to explore the human stories behind the hard, scientific facts.



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