Behind the scenes at a primate lab

On Demand (IF 2020)

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Discussion | Health & Medicine, Science, The Mind

This event highlighted why and how rhesus monkeys help answer some important research questions, including how we optimise learning. See how monkeys complete adapted computer-based tasks that assess learning in healthy humans and those who have experienced stroke. Researchers shared some of their latest findings on brain adaptation and learning after injury, with opportunities to ask your questions. Funded by the Wellcome Trust.

You may like to explore the University of Oxford primate lab using this 360° tour:

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Watch the recording of this live public event held on

5 October 2020 at IF Oxford



Associate Professor Anna Mitchell, Departmental of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University is the Principal Investigator in the Thalamus, Cortex and Cognition Lab.

Drs Juan Carlos Mendez and Brook Perry are postdoctoral researchers working in the lab with the monkeys.

Mr Stuart Mason is one of the main primate trainers in the facility at Oxford.

Main photo: Understanding Animal Research


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