Around the world in stories (4 of 5)

On Demand (IF 2020)

33 minsPWYD

Storytelling | Environment & Nature, Literature & Poetry, Travel & Geography

Session 4 of 5: INDIA.
Families joined storyteller Sarah Law as she took them on a story-filled virtual trip around the world. Each day the audience decided where to go next. Stories are best suited to children of 5 – 9 years.

Watch the recording of this live public event held on Thursday 29 October 2020


Sarah Law has been sharing stories at fairs and festivals, museums, libraries and schools for over ten years. She particular likes telling stories in the shade of a great beech tree, but is looking forward to launching into the ether on Zoom.


Story sources:

The Monkey and the Crocodile

Based on A.K. Ramanujan’s retelling of an ancient Indian folktale first recorded in the Pancatantra.

The King with the Dirty Feet

This story was written by Sally Pomme Clayton and is her retelling of an old Bengali Folktale ‘The King and the Cobbler’. I discovered this wonderful tale in a collection of stories from around the world which you might enjoy. It’s called ‘Tales for Telling’ and contains stories collected by another great storyteller, Mary Medlicott.

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