Make an origami flapping bird

On Demand (IF 2020)

Workshop | Hobbies & Craft, Materials, Science, The Mind

Discover the astonishing possibilities of paper-folding. Join Dr Lizzie Burns to discover the art and engineering of Origami. Learn to make your own flapping bird, first described in a 1885 French publication on ‘scientific recreation’. Get focused, take time out and discover the creative pleasures of Origami. This workshop is part of Made with gLove: Origami for community. All you need is a piece of paper!

Watch this 20 minute video tutorial


Dr Lizzie Burns has combined her passion for science and art since 2002, following a research fellowship into biology in the University of Oxford. Lizzie has been inspiring people of all ages about the astonishing beauty and wonder of biology and more recently working in hospitals using Origami for wellbeing.




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