IF Oxford 2022

IF Oxford 2022 reached 37,000 people through more than 100 events over 24 days.

The Festival offered something for everyone, and people of all ages came solo or with friends and family to connect with everything from the tiniest particles to the biggest challenges facing the the world today.

Highlights were performances in OVADA, talks, films and tours across the city, and family-friendly interactive zones at Wytham field research station, The Barn in Greater Leys and Oxford Business Park near Cowley.

The Glow Your Own programme mixed coding with arts, bringing in Prehension Blooms to combine dance with robotics, and LEDs and photo-active paper to create an interactive display wall in Blackbird Leys.

Family zones, ExplorazonePlants for the FutureTechWorks, Science at the ShopsAnimal Senses Zone and BLAST! covered the city with science and ideas activities and conversations.

Visitor feedback

IF Oxford makes complex topics accessible and interesting, so 92% of visitors are Very Likely or Likely to tell a friend to try some of the enjoyable science and ideas Festival events.

Visitors rated the event they attended and also the Festival overall as “good” (90%, 6+ out of 10) or “great” (80%, 8+); 90% said they learned something new.

IF Oxford content attracts a broad demographic: 30% are in Key Stages 2 or 3 (age 8–14); over half join in adult groups; and 16% attend alone – the Festival is an educational and social opportunity.

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Find out how 650 people, working in 212 teams across businesses, universities, non-profit groups and communities shared science and ideas with 37,000 people through on-demand or live content at IF Oxford 2022.

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