IF Oxford 2021

IF Oxford 2021 reached 35,000 people through more than 100 events over 19 days.

With print, digital and face-to-face options, the Festival was delivered during the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Home baking brought flavours of engineering and chemistry to 500 people: How to Bake a Star on Earth featured Bake Off Winner, Sophie Faldo; and chemist Jess Crompton joined chef Jonas Lodge for Chemistry Confections: sweet and savoury.

150 years of Through the Looking Glass inspired writer JC Niala to create Alice’s Adventures Beyond the Canal, taking the work of six researchers from across the UK and USA and translating this into a 21st-century story.

The festival has supported Parasol, an inclusive youth service, on their own ‘science journey’ over three years, and in 2021 matched them up with Oxford Flight Group to make a motion-capture dance music video based on birds: Digital Body Ascent.

Six Glow Your Own workshops transformed technology trepidation into creative coding confidence, building skills in science and tech. Digital artist Cj Zangerle created a QR interactive sculpture for the Leys Community Centre using the same Arduino and LED technology used by our home-coders.

Our covid-safe family zones, Explorazone, Science at the Shops and BLAST! were a great return to face-to-face interactive activities, stimulating thousands of conversations about science and ideas.

Visitor feedback

“This was a brilliant event – super engaged researchers / presenters and fantastic activities – the whole family loved it! Thank you.” Visitor (BLAST!) ages 74, 44, 6.

“Amazing that this festival has the pay what you decide option and what a great programme!” Visitor.

“It was great having a real hands on event, especially during covid times!” Visitor (Cloud Factory / Explorazone) ages 41, 11.

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Find out how 575 people, working in 143 teams across businesses, universities, non-profit groups and communities shared science and ideas with 35,000 people through on-demand or live content at IF Oxford 2021.

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