Timeframe and deadlines

February – April: the call for Expressions of Interest is open; at this point we are seeking ideas for content. Submitting an Expression of Interest does not commit you to taking part in the Festival.

Please submit your Expression of Interest by Wednesday 17 April 2024

March – May: we will speak with you to refine ideas and create activity for broad public appeal and explore cost options with you, that include participation fees and any other production resources (we sometimes waive the participation fees for a few contributors who are unable to pay).

17 May: Deadline for event confirmation and copy / images / logos for the programme

August – September: The programme is launched, the media campaign starts and event bookings open. In parallel, we ask you to return risk assessments, insurance documentation and other legal formalities

13 September: Deadline for risk assessments, health & safety and insurance documents

October: the Festival is live, with current proposed dates 11 October – 3 November 2024

November – January: feedback collected from stakeholders, event organisers and audiences for a report published in early 2025.