The tragic tale of Mary Mallon – Animation Premiere

On Demand (IF 2020)


Animation | Biology, Health & Medicine, History

You are invited to attend the premiere of Typhoidland’s newest animation.

The full animation will be available from Saturday 17 October.

See teaser here:

Journey with us to Progressive Era New York where a series of mysterious typhoid outbreaks are causing alarm. Find out how authorities manage to trace outbreaks back to Irish cook, Mary Mallon, and how healthy (asymptomatic) carriers like Mallon can spread disease without knowing it. Explore the ethical challenges of dealing with healthy carriers and learn about the dangers of sensationalising and scapegoating disease on minorities. The Tragic Tale of Mary Mallon was created by the team behind the award-winning Typhoidland project (

Design and Script: Drs Claas Kirchhelle (University College Dublin) and Samantha Vanderslott (Oxford Vaccine Group)

Animation: Ben Leighton

Narration: Marnie Chesterton

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