The surprising science of chocolate

On Demand (IF 2020)

1 hrPWYD

Talk | Chemistry, Food & Drink, Lifestyle, Science

You may love chocolate, but what actually is it? Sample the secrets of chocolate-making and the science behind our favourite confection. Dip into some complex simplicity, from the amazing art of crafting and ease of creating flavours, to discovering the microstructure that determines chocolate’s distinctive snap! There were loads of great questions and the scientific explanations should satisfy your appetite for chocolate curiosity.

Watch the recording of this live public event held on

8 October 2020 at IF Oxford


Yatir Linden is a chocolate maker and owner of Jericho-based Linden Chocolate Lab, where he creates chocolate with a reduced sugar content. He is also studying for a DPhil in Materials Science at the University of Oxford.



Elspeth Garman is a Professor of Molecular Biophysics at the University of Oxford. She leads a research group in the Biochemistry Department, improving methods for finding the 3-D shapes of medically important biological molecules so that disease pathways can be understood. She has been interviewed on the Radio 4 program ‘The Life Scientific’.


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