Oxfordshire: a stellar cluster for developing fusion energy

On Demand (IF 2021)

46 minPWYD

Discussion | Physics, Technology, Engineering

Fusion energy, the process that powers our Sun, can provide abundant, low carbon power for generations to come. Oxfordshire is home to the UK’s national fusion research laboratory, UKAEA, innovative research from the University of Oxford, and at least two pioneering commercial ventures, Tokamak Energy and First Light Fusion, all pushing the boundaries of fusion. This event, chaired by Valerie Jamieson from UKAEA, sees experts discuss different approaches to developing fusion power, and why Oxfordshire is the nexus of this incredible technology.

Valerie Jamieson is Fusion Cluster Technology Manager at UK Atomic Energy Authority. Her role is to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation between companies and organisations interested in fusion energy and all the exciting technologies that make it happen. She recently joined UKAEA after many years at New Scientist and has a PhD in particle physics.




Lyndsey Mooring, UKAEA Fusion Industry Programme Manager

Ross Morgan, Commercial Director, Tokamak Energy Ltd

Chris Grovenor, Professor of Materials, University of Oxford

Gianluca Pisanello, Chief Operating Officer, First Light Fusion

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held on 14 October 2021 at IF Oxford

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