NeuroTales 2021

On Demand (IF 2021)

1 hr 22 minPWYD

Performance | Health & Medicine, The Mind

How does the brain work? Why does it sometimes go wrong? How can we fix it? Join actress and storyteller Amantha Edmead to find out what draws people into the field of neuroscience. Meet some of the brain researchers from the University of Oxford who have been learning how to make their work more accessible through storytelling.

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held on 14 October 2021 at IF Oxford

Adam Handel is a clinical lecturer at the University of Oxford and a locum consultant neurologist at the Warneford Hospital. His wife described his DPhil thesis as both unutterably boring and lacking in hyphens, so he hopes the storytelling skills he has developed will help him in the future.



Archana Ramesh is a first year DPhil in Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Oxford, researching epilepsy. Every time she has tried explaining her research to her parents, they have either fallen asleep or complimented her in vague terms about her science skills. With her new storytelling experience, she feels confident her audience will stay awake!



Yin Dong is a Research Lecturer at the University of Oxford who is trying to understand the relationships between carbohydrates and proteins in our body’s tissues and cells. He hopes to use storytelling to help explain how these relationships are essential for our health and development.



Madalena Fonseca is a researcher at the University of Oxford. She is interested in how brains decide when to persist and when to give up pursuing long-term goals. She is currently investigating how the brain chemical serotonin, which is commonly targeted by antidepressants, shapes these kinds of decisions.



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