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On Demand (IF 2020)


App | Health & Medicine, Identity, Society, The Mind

Is there a place you associate with a strong emotion? MindMap is a story sharing platform that allows users to visit locations and buildings in Oxford and “unlock” the memories associated with that place, as well as submit their own.

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Privacy notice: All of the stories will be published on a public platform. We will remove any names in submitted stories to keep things anonymised, and we ask you to refrain from revealing any potentially identifying information. MindMap does not store any user data and none of the information you submit will be used for research or monitoring purposes.

IF Oxford uses Pay What You Decide (PWYD) ticketing so you can choose to pay whatever you want, or can afford. You can make your donation before, during or after the event and the amount you pay is up to you. A suggested donation of £5 per person for each event enjoyed will help secure the future of the Festival.

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