Festival Magazine 2023

On Demand (IF 2023)

Until 29 OctoberPWYD

Magazine | Careers, Computing, Dance, Environment & Nature, Health & Medicine, History, Science, Society, Technology, The Mind

As usual, IF Oxford and OX Magazine have joined forces to create a special science edition, with articles, activities and the full Festival event listings.

If you tell us your postal address and if you like, make a donation, we will send you a copy of the IF 2023 magazine, which includes the full events listing. Please email info@if-oxford.com

For guidance, a donation of £5 would make a contribution to the cost of producing the magazine and postage to your address.

Features include:

  • Face value?: taking a different perspective
  • The Science of Friendship: how many friends do we really need?
  • The Music of the Sonic Spider: experience the spiders’ world through vibrations
  • Lived Experience through Music and Dance: innovative and thought-provoking ways to appreciate ineffable experiences
  • Volcanoes: the fire beneath the Earth’s surface
  • A Science Career for Everyone: different paths to STEM success

Festival events and activities across October in the full IF 2023 events listing. Visit 31 venues in Oxford for in-person events or connect to the online events from anywhere!

IF Oxford is run by a not-for-profit charity (Charity number 1151361) and uses Pay What You Decide (PWYD). This works by enabling you to pre-book events without paying for a ticket beforehand. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to pay what you decide you want to, or can afford.

If you prefer to download a PDF of the magazine (10 MB), click on the link below: