Diamond: beyond the gemstone

On Demand (IF 2021)

Video | Materials, Physics, Technology, Engineering

Diamond is an amazing material, however, most people only think of diamond as a gemstone. In fact, diamond has an impact on your everyday life in shaping the things around you, from being used to engineer your smart phone to use in lasers that cut sheet metal for cars.

In this series of of videos, you’ll meet scientists from Element Six, who harness the unique properties of synthetic diamond to deliver supermaterials that improve the efficiency, reliability and performance of industrial tools and technology.

The thermal properties of synthetic diamond

with Amanda McKie, Senior Research Scientist

How are synthetic diamonds created?

with Kat Atkinson, Senior Research Scientist

The mechanical properties of synthetic diamond

with Santonu Ghosh, Principal Research Scientist

Diamond’s structure – why is it important?

with Will Hillman, Research Scientist

The optical properties of synthetic diamond

with Stephanie Liggins, Principal Research Scientist

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