ARIEL: planetary science across light-years

On Demand (IF 2020)

45 minsPWYD

Talk | Physics, Science, Space, Technology

From the first discovery of planets orbiting a dead star in 1992, we now know over 4,000 exoplanets orbiting other stars. Our Universe is more diverse than we could imagine, with weird and wonderful celestial bodies, from hot Jupiters or worlds made of ice, lava and diamond, to rogue planets drifting alone in the vastness of space. The ARIEL space mission will reveal just what these exoplanets are made of.

Watch the recording of this live public event held on

17 October 2020 at IF Oxford

Dr Chris Pearson from RAL Space has worked on galaxy surveys for both ground and space telescopes. He worked in Japan on the AKARI space telescope before moving to RAL Space to work on the Herschel Space Observatory. Chris now works on ARIEL searching for exoplanets and the Square Kilometre Array, the largest radio telescope ever built.

Photo: ESA & STFC RAL Space


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