Why we run a Festival

IF Oxford is organised by a charity (number 1151361) with Trustees and a small team that work year-round to produce the Festival which began in 1992.

We know that Festivals are a powerful and cost-effective way to bring people together, inspiring curious minds of all ages and backgrounds to access and help shape new ideas.

Our events enable a diversity of people (both presenters and audiences) to start conversations that establish relevance and build trust around complex topics. This Festival is a moment in time to recognise, test and enjoy great ideas, or learn something new.

In 2022, the Festival took place as an in-person offer with some digital events. See the infographic report (link below) from IF 2022, or explore our values 

2021 Festival report


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If you were unable to join our introductory meeting on 7 February, please see the slides here:

Meeting slides