What IF…

What IF… began in 2018 as project working with several 13–16 year olds, a group of musicians and MCs, sound engineers and video making professionals, and social scientists to explore community and personal aspects of youth culture, touching on drugs (its attraction, associated crime and related social and clinical sciences.) It created rap-music videos and mixed-format performances in the Oxford science and ideas Festival in 2018. The project has been repeated four times  and has evolved to explore youth voices in a broader sense, reflecting on community and neighbourhood themes.


The team from IF Oxford (the Oxford science and ideas Festival) began developing the 2020 version in January 2020, planning to work with up to a dozen young people to create new music and videos for release during IF Oxford in October 2020, and then the COVID pandemic threw everything into uncertainty. The project went ahead and created three new music tracks presented at an event on 9 October 2020.

…the 2020 tracks