small hours

The new play small hours premieres on Monday 19 October at 7.30pm

Join the post-show discussion with the production team and researchers who provided scientific advice:

Sunday 25 October at 8.30pm

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small hours

The new video play explores why we need sleep and what happens when we go without it?

small hours probes the mysteries of human circadian rhythm, the daily pattern of wakefulness and sleep, and how this can be either disrupted or adjusted.

Filmed during the COVID pandemic in different locations across Europe, join this journey of self-exploration created by Mandala Theatre as it explores the rise in sleep problems that people have experience during the pandemic. It tells the unsettling story of four characters imprisoned in their own worlds and suffering in different ways with sleeping problems.

Mandala Theatre is an Oxford based company that nurtures young talent from diverse backgrounds in the creative industry. Sleep deprivation and associated problems has become a hot research topic during the pandemic for neuroscientists in Oxford. How do people get a decent night’s sleep in these difficult times?

small hours

Written by Ava Wong Davies

Directed by Yasmin Sidhwa

Performed by Mandala Theatre Company

Filmed by the cast

Edited and additional filming by Ben Johnston

Music by Duotone

Produced by Alex Lui, Dane Comerford and Laura Elliot

Co-comissioned by IF Oxford and Oxford Playhouse with scientific advice from the University of Oxford Sleep & Circadian Neuroscience Institute.

Cast (Alphabetical Order of Surname):

Nush………………………….Anusha Abbas

Aisha…………………………..Akasha Daley

Solomon Salah……………..Nelvin Kiratu

Luis………………………………..Luis Ribeiro


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Book a place to join the post-show discussion with the production team and researchers who provided scientific advice: Sunday 25 October at 8.30pm.


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