Recruiting, reviewing, planning

26 February 2021

If you like a bit of good news, read on…

We’re hiring a new team member, planning a 30th anniversary Festival and are happy to see the Oxford vaccine doing its job. The reopening of theatres, pubs and other social spaces is on the horizon!

Like many people who run a small charity, I’m looking forward to October 2021 with cautious optimism: will we have a return to live, in­‑person, events?; or will culture still be dominated by digital? My colleague and I launched the call for IF Oxford proposals earlier this week with the first of three open meetings to explain what we’re planning and why. There are two more sessions (Wednesday 24 March, 2.30 – 4pm and Tuesday 20 April, 10.30am – 12pm) for anyone wanting to get involved in the 30th science and ideas Festival from Oxford:

Thanks to 169 teams from business, academic and charity sectors, the IF Oxford digital-print experiment in 2020 was a big hit! Throughout October last year, 21,000 people from across the UK and beyond got involved in over 100 free public activities. Many made generous donations to help fund this year’s Festival:, so a huge thanks to those wonderful people and also to those organisations who put their faith in “IF”;

All of this places the Festival in a great position to build back better, connecting topics and people in creative ways, developing individual skills and enriching society. The 2020 infographic review is a quick read, so check it out:

Just one problem, there’s so much work to do for just two of us! So we need someone new to help: do you know anyone who might want to join a flexible and creative team that punches well above its weight to make an impact on Oxford as a city in which to live, work, study and visit?

We are seeking an individual who may not have a traditional background in science, who may be looking to change career, or simply wants to make a positive difference for people. We have a particular interest in Southeast Oxford, but IF Oxford is for anyone anywhere to explore complexity, wonder and learning across arts and science.

If this might be the career opportunity for you, please visit:

Closing date for applications: Monday 15 March 2021 (at 11.59pm)


Dane Comerford

Director, IF Oxford