Media Pack

IF 2022

dates (TBC) 7-25 Oct 2022

The 31st science and ideas Festival from Oxford

This Media Pack is for events contributors, communications professionals and anyone with an interest in promoting the IF Oxford 2022 programme. Please help maximise awareness of the Festival joining in the social media buzz throughout September and October.

On this page, there are:

  • IF Oxford social media channels
  • B&W and colour IF Oxford logo (with link to PNG files)
  • Example text for [YOUR] media post
  • Festival fonts and colours (CMYK & RGB for yellow, blue and pink)
  • Square, banner (5×1) and rectangular (3×2) graphics (with link to PNG files)
  • Plain images of Festival activity (without text overlay)
  • Virtual background images for your video profile


The Festival identity

The Festival is called “IF Oxford” and you may describe the Festival as IF Oxford, the Oxford science and ideas Festival, or IF2022 or IF, pronounced as the word “ if ”. The name of the Festival is not the IF Festival or any other derivative, so please don’t create alternatives for IF Oxford, the Oxford science and ideas Festival, in written communications

The Festival logo

Short description

In one sentence:

IF Oxford is an independent charity which runs a cultural programme that inspires communities across Oxford to create an annual science and ideas Festival in October for thousands of people to enjoy.

For more data and examples of IF Oxford’s work, see Past festivals



Example post for your social media or newsletters:

IF Oxford returns as a digital and in-real-life #IRL science and ideas Festival with events in October 2022. There’s something for everyone, with activities for young children and families, or sessions for teenagers and adults to enjoy alone or as a group in venues across Oxford or from the comfort of home.

Pick from pioneering performances, hands-on experiments, interactive events and more. [MY ORGANISATION] is involved in [NUMBER OF EVENTS] events this year, so join us on:

– [DATE 1] for [EVENT 1]

– [DATE 2] for [EVENT 2 etc.]

Wherever you are in the world, IF Oxford brings you live and on-demand science, ideas and creativity with the chance to meet people making innovations today to change your world tomorrow.

All activities, including how to book, are available at:

Font and colours

IF Oxford uses the font: Museo Sans



1234567890  ! £ % & #

If Museo Sans is unavailable, an alternative sans serif font, such as Helvetica or Arial may be used

Hexcode: #FAE012



Example square graphics for you to use, or as inspiration to create your own


Example banner (5 x 1) graphics for you to use, or as inspiration to create your own


Example rectangular (3×2) graphics for you to use, or as inspiration to create your own

Festival images

Virtual backgrounds

Visit the Zoom website for guidance on using virtual backgrounds

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