Glow Your Own 2024

Are you ready for creative coding and crafting?

…and if you think this is just for kids, think again!


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Glow Your Own is also known as GYO, you can sign up here:

If you’re new to this, or are one of the hundreds of people who’ve joined in before, welcome! This page is about the sessions, how to get your kit and how the programme will be run.

There may be a lot of information that’s new to you, so please bear with it.

We promise it will all make sense over the six weeks.

The six sessions

Wednesdays 9 October—13 November

See listings and book for all six GYO 2023 sessions

You’ll get the most out of the project by coming to all six sessions, either hosted live online or on demand later.

5—6pm is an online class hosted on Zoom: the GYO team brings together people from several science and arts organisations who will join in coding and making while you follow along at home. There is a lively chat box if you have a question, but we ask that your cameras and mics are turned off because the recorded session will be hosted on YouTube later — for you to watch the sessions in your own time.

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6—6.30pm is a troubleshooting session continued on Zoom: this is the opportunity to get live help on anything that isn’t working as it should. The recording is stopped and we invite cameras and mics to be turned on to go through every snag that’s cropped up. In the final half hour, the team answers questions and sometimes gets ideas for the next session, so you can either leave or stay connected for this part whether or not you’ve got to the end of the session’s lesson plan.

There are worksheets to help you follow along. Worksheets will be emailed to those registered for GYO 2024 and also available for download from the GYO pages.


Get your Arduino kit

If you already have an Arduino kit, you can use it again. Everyone has similar GYO materials so we can work through the coding and circuit building together.

If you you need to get a kit, there are three options for you:

  • you can request a free kit from the Festival (UK only)
  • you can request a kit from the Festival and make a donation of your choice (UK only)
  • you can buy your own kit/s

Moire information in August 2024.

IF Oxford is a registered charity and has received a small grant from STFC to cover the full or partial cost of the Arduino kits so everyone can develop new digital skills.

Moire information in August 2024.


If you want to buy your own kit from Amazon, this is what you need:

Complete kit (Arduino and components)

Lengthening wires

If buying these separately, you will need:

Arduino Only

Basic Starter Kit (No Arduino)

Servo Motor 

Lengthening wires

Tinkercad and the online classroom

Online learning can be difficult, but GYO tries to make it as simple as possible.

The live workshops use Zoom:

The coding happens using Tinkercad:

There is no cost to participate or to use these online platforms. Everyone who signs up to GYO 2024 gets a unique code to join a virtual classroom on Tinkercad. You don’t have to use the code we send you to use Tinkercad, but if you do, the GYO team can access your code blocks remotely. This makes it easier to help if things aren’t working properly for you.

The computer you use for Tinkercad needs a USB (type A) port.

You can use two devices with screens (eg. a computer and a phone), or if you have enough space on your computer screen, you can follow along with Zoom and Tinkercad open at the same time.

Alternatively, you can catch up with the on demand video.


Glow Your Own is a collaboration between: