The Glow Gallery

💡💡💡The Glow Gallery is coming to Harwell💡💡💡

Harwell Open Week 2024

Saturday 29 June, 10am—4pm

Harwell Campus, OX11 0QR


Free event, but you need to register:

Getting to Harwell:


The Glow Gallery

Glow Gallery uses lasers, LEDs and phosphorescent boards to capture the essence of science and light in a playful and creative spectroscopic exhibition created by you! Learn about colour and energy, play with shadow and time and explore the science of light.

Also, make your own LED star circuit to take home.

If you want to try something a little more involved, check out Glow Your Own, a six-week free online LED and electronics coding course where you can learn how to design and build an interactive kinetic lantern.

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