IF Oxford 2019

IF Oxford 2019 reached 16,000 people through 105 events in 35 venues over 11 days

The Festival brought together makeup artists and computer scientists working on AI to test the limits of facial recognition technology with a live demonstration.

The City of Oxford College and the Blackbird Leys Community Development Initiative again hosted state of the art and future technologies and visitors got involved with engineering, forensics, computer coding in several and Iron Age metal smelting.


2019 Festival programme

Over 90% of visitors say IF Oxford is ‘good’ or ‘excellent’

43% of visitors wouldn’t normally do science and 95% would tell and friend to visit IF Oxford because the Festival made topics meaningful to them

As a family, these events give us common interest. It’s wonderful seeing my husband and son so animated. It inspires conversations that get picked up again and again for weeks afterwards.” (54, 53, 11)


2019 Festival report