IF Oxford featured in Cotswold Life magazine

9 October 2019

Extract from October 2019 edition of Cotswold Life exploring the city through the lens of Alice in Wonderland. This article uses whimsy and humour as a family makes stops at Westgate Oxford, Museum of Natural History, Christchurch and G&D’s picking out some highlights from the IF Oxford 2019 programme:

IF Oxford will provide opportunities to experience modern-day Oxford, explore the past and think about the future through a collection of 100 events in various venues across town. These include hands-on interactive zones; a diary of the brain, a performance of the poetry of science; a conservation escape room, and the evolutionary reasons for heartbreak. My scientific experiment in writing this feature has been about engaging one husband and five daughters on a work outing when the festival concerned has not yet happened. So naturally, as in Dodgson’s mind, the alchemy of imagination, certain ‘eat me’ temptations and humour have to play their part.

Oxford is a powerhouse of innovation and hundreds of researchers are poised to welcome thousands of people on an exciting adventure at events across the city,” says Festival Director Dane Comerford.


Read the full article in the October 2019 edition of Cotswold Life: https://www.cotswoldlife.co.uk