Why Science?

By Chen, age 7

Why use science?
Why, why, why?
Why don’t we use something else,
Like a really clever computer?
But if we didn’t have it,
Then things won’t be invented!

Without science, vaccinations won’t exist,
So you may die from viruses and bacteria.
Without science, X-rays wouldn’t have been discovered,
So you can’t see what’s wrong when you break your tibia.

Without science, we won’t know how magnets work,
So detecting metals would be very tricky.
Without science, we can’t predict the weather,
So a sudden thunderstorm could appear above your city!

Without light bulbs, you can’t do anything in the dark!
Radiators won’t be there so you’ll be VERY cold!
You can’t make fireworks or dynamite without the help of science!
Even pasteurization wouldn’t be invented, so your milk might grow lots of mould!

Without science the world would be REALLY boring,
Luckily there’s science to keep everything GOING!

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