Water Pollution

By Hugo, age 12


The sapphire surface of the water

Shimmers with dazzling beauty.

Fish frolic free of human slaughter

Doing their algae-eating duty.


Coral reefs wave their vibrant arms

Where red crabs quickly scuttle.

Starfish sit nice and calm

And tiny clownfish bustle.


Some sea animals are unfortunate

Being chomped on by a predator.

Others are constantly accurate

To be a food competitor.


However, peace does not always sustain

In our biosphere’s ocean.

The ocean loses its powerful reign

And humans release an evil potion.


A tide of rubbish thunders in

Where huge nets and plastic swirl around.

Indigestible tins

Make a sharp crackling sound.


Vibrant fish are caught in the nets

So thrash around in pain.

Coral reefs are in threat

From their plastic-illness gain.


Fish don’t frolic anymore,

In their precious coral reef home.

Never once since then has sunlight been seen before

From the life in that biome.


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