Noble Gases at the Coronation

By Freddie, age 10

Outside Westminster Abbey,
The Nobles queued for their turn,
Despite the heat of the sunny day,
None of them would burn.

First came the Duchess Helium,
With her voice so squeaky and high
The least hot-headed of the lot
Boiling at absolute nigh

Then came Baron and Baroness Neon,
Transparent and clear as crystal
Yet when the ceremony began to spark
Their glow could be seen in Bristol

Next came the Marchioness Argon,
Who brought some atmosphere to bear
While as inert as all the others
She makes up 1% of air

The Earls of Krypton and Xenon,
In outfits arranged in haste
Their gaudy tweed and mismatched socks
Revealing no sense of taste

As the King was finally crowned,
And sat on his throne so tall,
The Nobles turned and went on their way,
And none of them reacted at all.

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