The Great Dinosaur Mystery

By Vu-Lam, age 13

Let us journey back to prehistory
Where animals ruled the land, sky and sea
Creatures that came before our existence
Till an extinction crushed their resistance

For centuries this was the great mystery
Of the dinosaurs and their family
At first, scholars thought that the fossils were
Bones of dragons or giants, they’d infer

But they’re reptiles William Buckland said
These skeletons are lizards’, now long dead
Richard Owen then coined the renowned name:
Dinosaurs, great lizards now brought to fame

Fossils are made in many different ways
Mineral deposits to amber’s glaze
Dissolving tissues, carbonization
Preserving the past civilization

With carbon dating, we can discover
When dinos existed and recover
Lost information from eras ago
And find out secrets we’re desperate to know

But there is a warning within this text
Dinos went extinct, maybe humans next
So, terminate emitting CO2
To ensure a future for me and you


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