The Brain Rap

By Charlotte, age 10

Okay, listen up, this is my rap about the brain

I can sing it to you, sing it to you, again and again


Okay, let’s start with the hippocampus

It helps us remember things important to us

Helps me remember my mum’s face

Helps me remember that my middle name is Grace

If you get amnesia or dementia

It makes the hippocampus reboot – over and over


Let’s move on to the amygdala

Shaped like an almond, keeps us safer

Gives us the fight-flight-freeze reaction

Loves to be involved in all the action

We need the amygdala to survive

Even if it does make us wanna fight


Now moving on to the prefrontal cortex

Makes us smarter, lets us write text

Makes us humans who we are

Even helped us to build loads of cars

It helped us to create fiddle-toy sets

Let’s all bow down to the prefrontal cortex


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