My brain

by Hope, age 14


My brain is sectioned,                                   However without the left,
Into to two different parts,                          The right could never survive,
Split in the middle,                                        And the left could never be,
Named the left and the right,                     Completely right,
The left is my scientist,                                 So together they join,
Filled with logic and knowledge,                Two halves of one
It calculates my equations,                          Making my brain
And plays with numbers like magic,           A very special one.

A master of words,
And languages alike,
It is realistic,
It is always right.
The right is my artist,
A spirit roaming free,
It is the reason why I dance,
In the middle of the night,
The right decides,
The expression on my face,
And what type of smile,
Will light up someone’s day.


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