Corona fountain

by Dylan, age 13


A stellar corona
Unseen in normal skies
Reaching far into space
On the sun’s surface it lies

I step outside, experience the light
But unlike the virus
Keeping me home
This corona is radiant and bright

The sun’s rays beam down
Photovoltaic cells rejoice
Light energy converts to electricity
The pump begins to finds its voice

Pressure builds, excitement mounts
Water whizzes in a centrifugal spin
Up the tube, springing to life
Kinetic energy bursts into hymn

The wondrous display, it doesn’t last
No battery so no energy store
Clouds appear up in the sky
The fountain is almost…ethereal

As night-time falls once more
Not a buzz or bubble is heard
It’s still there, but we cannot see
And my eyes become blurred

I wipe the tears about the corona
That spreads darkness and fear all round
Wishing we could harness this other one
With light and positive energy abound


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