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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IF Oxford 2020 going ahead?

Yes! The Festival dates or structure may change compared with what we have previously produced, and the Festival team is in consultation with national and local organisations and funders. These include UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) and the British Science Association. We have ongoing dialogue around cultural cooperation with Oxford-based theatres, community groups, educational institutions and statutory organisations. For more information, please visit the IF Oxford (April) statement on COVID-19 planning.

How do I apply for an exhibition space in a Festival zone or make a suggestion for another type of event?

Download an Application form. There are sections for several multi-exhibitor Festival zones, plus a chance for participants to suggest other events, workshops, exhibitions and performances for consideration to be included in the Festival.

Does my application guarantee me an exhibition space in a Festival zone?

We have a limited number of spaces available in the various Festival zones, so we may not be able to accommodate all applications. A selection panel will review and assess applications. Quality is the main priority. We are also keen to ensure that there is a wide variety of activity types and research subjects. We want to offer researchers and businesses the greatest chance for building public engagement capacity, whilst also providing an engaging and informative experience for our audience. We may contact you to discuss adapting or changing your activity to help it balance with the other exhibits within the programme, and meet the expectations of the audience.

Do I have to pay to be involved in the Festival?

All aspects of the Festival incur costs linked to management, logistics and marketing. It is therefore necessary for us to charge participants to help us meet these costs. All participation costs will be listed on the Application form.

I really want to be involved, but can’t afford the fee. Can you help?

Resources may be available for a hardship fund to cover costs if you can show financial need, and justify the quality of your research and proposed Festival activity. Please contact the Festival team if this might apply to you.

What do I get for my money?

If you have booked an exhibition space in a Festival zone, the Festival will supply infrastructure agreed with you.
As well as securing you an exhibition space or programme slot for a talk or other event, you will also receive:

  • Specific promotion of your activity in the Festival brochure and website
  • Broader promotion of the Festival with a comprehensive marketing campaign including broadcast, print and social media
  • Coordination, venue booking / platform hosting, advice and logistical support from the Festival team
  •  Audience booking, evaluation and independent reporting services
  • Festival t-shirts for your staff / volunteers
Will I need to do any promotion for my event?

The Festival will promote your event in the Festival brochure, on the Festival website and through social media. In addition to this, you will have your own audiences, so we would expect you to promote your event / activity through your own institutional networks and social media. 

Can my department/organisation submit more than one application?

Yes, applications for different exhibits can be submitted by researchers from the same department or organisation, although each application must be ‘stand alone’ (i.e. an activity must not rely on another activity taking place as each application will be judged separately). If two activities depend on each other, please tell us about this.

If your department/organisation would like to be involved in several aspects of the Festival (e.g. exhibiting in a Festival zone plus offering a talk, workshop or other event), contact the Festival team to discuss a sponsorship package.

I would like the Festival team to organise a talk/event of behalf of my organisation. What do I have to do?

The Festival can manage an event (e.g. a talk, workshop or performance) on your behalf for £500 per event, plus venue, management and other related costs. For instance, we can organise a pre/post-event reception with photography and / or produce a teaser video. Please use the Application form to tell us about the talk/event you would like us to organise.

I am already planning an event during the Festival period. Can it be featured in the Festival programme?

You can be involved with IF Oxford if your event matches our vision of inclusivity and offers a way to bring people together, inspiring curious minds of all ages and backgrounds to access and help shape new ideas.

How can my organisation become a sponsor of the Festival?

Sponsorship can be arranged around an Associate or a bespoke package for your organisation, which could include supporting a specific event or series, a Festival film or something more substantial. Sponsorship packages start at £2,000. To explore your ideas, please contact the Festival team.

Will the public have to pay to attend Festival events?

We are keen to make the Festival inclusive and accessible to all. We operate a Pay What You Decide ticketing model. This enables audience members to book their tickets for free, and then decide after the event how much (if anything) they wish to pay. A small number of events will incur a ticket fee. 

How will the data from my expression of interest form be processed or controlled?

Please see our Data Management Policy.

What policies and codes of conduct does the Festival use and expect exhibitors to adhere to?

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