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Westgate Wonderlab

Wander into Westgate Oxford to meet researchers working at the cutting-edge of science right here in Oxford. Try hands-on activities in Leiden Square (opposite John Lewis and Partners) to investigate the latest research on mind, body and environment, or pop along to the indoor food court at Westgate Social Street Food to see what’s hot in quantum computers, technology, physics and engineering. Elsewhere in the shopping centre, look out for our science buskers with a giant periscope and peer at Oxford from a new perspective, or have dinner with a dinosaur!

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Exhibits in Leiden Square

Use your superpowers to fight cancer

Find out how new therapies boost your immune system to fight cancer with games for all ages. Become an immune cell and separate healthy cells from cancer cells against the clock, and maybe you’ll win your own Nobel Prize chocolate medal.

MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine

University of Oxford


Cutting edge

Try your hand at surgery and perfect your surgical techniques with a range of activities. Explore what goes on inside your body and find out about how researchers discover new ways to effectively treat medical conditions.

Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences / Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences

University of Oxford


Big data solving big puzzles in human health

How do scientists produce reliable information on the causes, treatment and prevention of diseases?  Play games to find out how population health researchers collect and process data to improve our understanding of diseases and answer important questions about human health.

Nuffield Department of Population Health

University of Oxford


Make your own ‘g’nome

You may have heard of a ‘genome’, but have you ever heard of a ‘g’nome!? Meet researchers who study the reasons why we should or shouldn’t manipulate our DNA. Have a go at making your own ‘g’nome and learn about what makes us each unique.

Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities

University of Oxford


3D shapes from crystals and X-rays

Proteins in our bodies control our movement and metabolism at a molecular level. Their 3D shapes determine how they do this correctly and occasionally go wrong. Discover how crystals and X-rays help visualise protein shape and function.

Department of Biochemistry

University of Oxford


The PsychScience booth

All is not what it seems! Enter the fascinating world of psychological research. Our visual illusions, writing challenges, Stroop test and brain quizzes may have you questioning your perception, and challenging mind myths.

Department of Psychology

Oxford Brookes University


Blue Sky research

Earth, air, and oceans… on a table. Identify mystery river water samples, catch your breath on air monitors, and test how radioactive you are! See acidification of a smoking ocean and become an environmental detective digging up microplastics invading our ecosystem. Includes high-powered magnifying glasses!

Environmental Chemistry Group

Royal Society of Chemistry


Harnessing the power of T-cells to develop new medicines

Experiment with a new type of therapy to treat cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases, using the body’s own immune system. Play games to find out how these therapies work and how they are developed.



Exhibits in Westgate Social Street Food

Discover life in a Quantum City

Imagine a future city with driverless vehicles, cameras that can see the invisible, quantum computers that can develop new drugs, sensors that could predict earthquakes and secure communications that cannot be hacked. Discover more about the transformative effect of quantum technologies in everyday life!

Department of Physics

University of Oxford


Designing the future – engineers reimagining the world

Discover research from the world’s leading Engineering Science department. From robotics and wireless power toys or paper programming and origami structures to smartphone apps aiding recovery from stroke. Meet the engineers providing hands on demonstrations of their latest research.

Department of Engineering Science

University of Oxford


Superconducting magnets in MRI

In hospitals worldwide, MRI scanners help diagnose tumours, clots and tissue damage. At the heart of the MRI machine is a superconducting magnet and one in three of these magnets across the planet is made in Oxford.

Siemens Healthineers Magnet Technology


Inside Fusion: making a Sun on Earth

Look inside a fusion machine and see what it takes to work at the hottest place in the solar system! Try your hand at building your own fusion device, take a robotics challenge, and find out how plasma, the fourth state of matter, can help us create the energy of the future.

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority


Westgate Oxford, Queen Street, Oxford, OX1 1TR
19th October 2020

09:00 - 17:00

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Engineering, Health, Physics
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