Tech Works

15 October, 11:00 am

6 hrsPWYD

Hands-on, Interactive | Biology, Chemistry, Environment & Nature, Physics, Science, Space, Engineering

Tech Works

Oxford Works (beside Oxford Factory), Oxford Business Park, South, Oxford OX4 2SU

The Festival is taking over Oxford’s growing knowledge quarter for the first time! This family-friendly zone is special cluster of extremes, taking on the largest, hottest, most detailed and carefully constructed science for you to see. Visit Oxford Works and meet the experts at the heart of science and innovation in the city.

Free parking and refreshments available to purchase.

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Activities include:

A star in a jar
In the heart of Oxfordshire, scientists and engineers are working to harness the power of stars to create sustainable electricity. Meet the team and take a VR tour of the world’s largest fusion experiment (JET), have a go at manipulating mini robot arms and try to control a fusion plasma!
UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)

Cutting edge research
Have a go at cutting-edge science and become a trainee surgeon. Try your hand at surgery to discover more about the exciting research from two global medical research groups right here in Oxford
Nuffield Dept of Surgical Sciences / Nuffield Dept of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences, University of Oxford

Muscle Switch
Not just for gym enthusiasts and athletes, understanding muscle damage and repair is important for everyone. Play the Muscle Switch video game and consider whole-body wellbeing alongside what is considered ‘normal strength’.
Dept of Paediatrics, University of Oxford

Surface matters
When you touch an object, you only ever really feel its surface: pick up an orange and you’re touching the hard skin, not the squishy insides. See how the study of surfaces helps scientific progress in aerospace, medical science and many areas of chemistry through games, quizzes and other enjoyable activities.

Diamond: atom by atom
Diamond’s properties stretch far beyond its aesthetic appeal as a precious gemstone. Its extreme and diverse characteristics make it the perfect material for a range of industrial applications including the machining of smartphones, high-end audio systems and in quantum enabled sensing devices. Explore diamond structure with hands-on activities.
Element Six

Craft a vaccine
Vaccines save millions of lives every year, but how are they created? Have a go at making your own vaccines through craft-based activities and find out about the vaccines invented and made here in Oxford.
Jenner Institute / Pandemic Sciences Institute, University of Oxford

Our place in space
Soar through a scale model of the solar system designed by the artist Oliver Jeffers and astrophysicist Stephen Smartt. See what happens when science and the arts come together. Explore the role of gravity and space with performance ‘professor’ Lukey Luke.
UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK

Risky business – environmental hazards
What are the hidden dangers from radiation and chemicals in the environment? How can you protect yourself and loved ones? Have fun learning about a range of risks, explore what you can do to look after your health, and separate fact from fiction.
UK Health Security Agency

Science busking
Get up close with science and have a go at some tricks which will test your balance, reactions, and observations skills. See if you can explain what is happening.
Science Oxford

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Oxford Works (beside Oxford Factory), Oxford Business Park, South, Oxford, UK OX4 2SU