Science @ the Shops

21 October, 10:00 am

6 hoursPWYD

Interactive | Environment & Nature, Geology, Science, Health & Mediciine

Science @ the Shops

Templar’s Square Shopping Centre, Pound Way, Cowley, OX4 3XH

From geology to genetics and medicine to magic, there’s a science zone at Banks Court in Templars Square shopping centre this weekend. Take part in exciting activities for all ages and meet the people shaping tomorrow’s future today. Where might your shopping trip take you?

Suitable for ages 7 – 12, teenagers and adults.

There is no need to book.

Activities include:

Can you hear your baby’s heartbeat?
How can a baby inside their mother’s tummy tell us if they are feeling OK? Discover what researchers and midwives are doing to understand unborn babies better, using the heartbeat patterns of 100,000 babies. (Saturday only).
Nuffield Dept of Women’s & Reproductive Health, University of Oxford

Weight a moment!
Visit the Museum of Weight Change! See how people tried to lose weight through history (tapeworms?! eugh!) Bust some myths and find out how your gut talks to your brain. Help researchers tip the scales: what worked and what didn’t on your weight journey? (Saturday only).
Dept of Primary Health Care, University of Oxford

There’s a volcano in my backyard
Communities on the Caribbean islands of Montserrat and St Vincent who live under the shadow of volcanoes have made creative responses to volcanic eruptions in their neighbourhood. Be inspired to paint a picture, make a mask, write a poem, or create your own volcanic story! (Saturday only).
Dept of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

Be part of research
Health and care research helps to find new and better treatments for future generations and can save lives. Learn how research is developing new medicines and vaccines, supporting mental health and improving disease diagnosis. Find out how you can take part in research studies near you. (Saturday only).
National Institute for Health and Care Research

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Templars Square Shopping Centre, OX4 3XH