Pokémaths: the numbers behind the video game

11 October, 7:00 pm

1 hourPWYD

Talk | Maths, Science

Pokémaths: the numbers behind the video game

New Road Baptist Church, Bonn Square, OX1 1LQ

How many Pikachus does it take to power a lightbulb? How much does a Charizard eat? And why does the world of Pokémon seem to ignore the basic laws of physics? Dr Tom Crawford looks at the maths one of the world’s favourite video games.

Suitable for teenagers and adults.

Dr Tom Crawford is a mathematician at the University of Oxford and the face of the award-winning Tom Rocks Maths which aims to make maths exciting, engaging and entertaining for all. Whether he’s performing live as the Naked Mathematician with Equations Stripped, telling you about his favourite maths topics on Numberphile, or getting another maths tattoo (14 and counting), it’s safe to say Tom is always finding new ways to misbehave with numbers.

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New Road Baptist Church, OX1 1LQ