Moving Together – short film premiere and meet the team

On Demand (IF 2020)

1 hrPWYD

Film / discussion | Dance, Health & Medicine, Music, Society

Watch the short film that was created as part of the Moving Together project, and join a Q&A and panel discussion where members of the creative team, project participants and researchers working on loneliness will discuss the film, the creative collaborative research process, and the role of the arts in combating loneliness.

Moving Together is an inspirational collaboration between anthropology researcher Dr Bronwyn Tarr and physical theatre company Justice in Motion. The project explores loneliness, the opposite of loneliness, and how shared experiences are important for personal and community health. Participants and artists have engaged in various workshops and performances, culminating in this short dance-film exploring how shared experiences can bring connectivity. For more information on the project see:

Watch the recording of this live public event held on

29 October 2020 at IF Oxford


Bronwyn Tarr is a TORCH Knowledge Exchange Fellow and research affiliate at the Institute for Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford. Her research combines her passion for dance and music with her curiosity about human nature and the evolution of social behaviours.


Justice in Motion is an Oxford based physical theatre company that raises awareness about social injustice, through powerful, thought-provoking and visually stunning performances, that inspire debate and action, to encourage positive social change. Their work is a compelling mixture of dance, theatre, parkour, aerial acrobatics, film and music.

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