Mathematical intelligence

20 October, 6:30 pm

1 hrPWYD

Interactive, Talk | Computing, Maths, The Mind

Mathematical intelligence

Waterstones Bookshop, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3AF

Computers are brilliant at totting up sums and pattern recognition, so for all things calculation, perhaps machines reign supreme. But you have a set of uniquely human mathematical superpowers that can give you a crucial edge over computers. Junaid Mubeen, author of Mathematical Intelligence – what we have that machines don’t and ‘the naked mathematician’ Tom Crawford use games and card tricks to reveal why you shouldn’t surrender to the computer overlords just yet.

Junaid Mubeen is a mathematician turned educator. After a decade of working on innovative learning technologies, he now develops online maths initiatives for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Junaid has a DPhil in Mathematics from Oxford and a Master’s in Education from Harvard, where he studied as a Kennedy Scholar. He once earned fleeting fame as a Countdown series winner.


Dr Tom Crawford is a mathematician at the University of Oxford and the face of the award-winning Tom Rocks Maths which aims to make maths exciting, engaging and entertaining for all. Whether he’s performing live as the Naked Mathematician with Equations Stripped, telling you about his favourite maths topics on Numberphile, or getting another maths tattoo (12 and counting), it’s safe to say Tom is always finding new ways to misbehave with numbers.


Supported by the Institute of Mathematics

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Waterstones., Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3AF, UK OX1 3AF