Living library: medical and health

28 October, 7:30 pm

2 hrsTeenage, AdultPWYD

Living library | Health & Medicine, Technology, The Mind

Browse our bookshelf, then get a chance to borrow a real researcher for a small-group conversation. All of our ‘living books’ study or have a career connected to health or medicine. Whether they create new drugs, research novel treatments for diseases or promote healthy lifestyles, they all have fascinating stories to tell. Take this opportunity to chat to friendly experts – it’ll be good for body and soul!

Book titles and authors:

Uncovering the secrets of the liver: Elisabeth Pickles (Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford)

Using ultrasound waves to treat brain diseases: Miren Tamayo Elizalde (Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford)

Waving a red flag to a bull – and how the immune system fights infection: Dr Dannielle Wellington (Radcliffe Department of Medicine, University of Oxford)

Engineering a healing sound: Professor Robin Cleveland (Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford)

Full details of books to follow soon.

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