IF Ox Curiosity Box

On Demand

7 - 12 yrs£20 plus p&p

Hands-on | Biology, Chemistry, Materials, Physics, Science

Bring IF Oxford to life in your home with an IF Ox Curiosity Box. Brimming with cool sciency activities, experiments and gadgets connected to the Festival events, especially Explorazone Digital.

Each Box includes:

* Inside me: Create a life-size model of your body and its organs. Pretend to be a surgeon and conduct an “operation”

* Crystal suncatchers – we can use crystals to make beautiful sparkly suncatchers?

* Thermochromic putty: test super cool colour changing putty in different environments

* See rainbows with light splitting diffraction specs

* Make molecular structures with a mini Molymod kit – Adamantane, water, what else could you make?

* DNA origami: make DNA origami to better understand the structure of this amazing molecule!

* Kitchen science ideas: experiment with supercool materials, explore biofilms and make the genuine Star Wars laser blaster sound with just a slinky and a bowl!


Buy one, Donate one – give a local disadvantaged child an awesome experience of science!


Price: £20 + £2.95 p&p delivered next day, emission free inside the Oxford ring road, with Pedal and Post (standard Royal Mail delivery for all other postcodes)