Handle with care

17 October, 10:00 am

Workshop | Music, Technology, Society & Politics

Join musician Elliot Galvin over six weeks as he interviews passers-by, shoppers and locals asking them to unpack objects and places that they hold dear and the memories they evoke.

In a shop transformed into an immersive audio installation, Elliot will carefully weave together the voices of those who visit, storing them into his sonic cardboard boxes that fill the otherwise empty space.

Every time you visit you will hear something else; as the sonic boxes are gradually packed with voices they will unfurl an ever-accumulating, always-changing, ocean-like soundscape of the collected memories safely wrapped within them.

Visit Elliot on Sundays and Wednesdays from 26 September to 24 October, 10am – 5pm. There is no need to pre-book. 

Sundays: Talking and Listening Days (collecting audio for the artwork)

Wednesdays: Making and Creating Days (creating the audio for the artwork)

Elliot Galvin is one of the rising stars of UK jazz. A superbly gifted composer and pianist, whose maverick imagination and magpie like ability to blend a disparate world of influences into his own unique musical vision has seen him compared to Django Bates although in truth he sounds like no one except himself. Elliot was awarded a Jerwood Jazz Encounter Fellowship to create ground-breaking new ways of presenting jazz across England in unusual places and in the digital realm. That’s how Handle with Care was born.



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