In association with Science Oxford
From 12 to 22 October 2018

Getting in the neural groove

Venue: Oxford Town Hall, St Aldate’s, Oxford, OX1 1BX

Choreographer Ivar Hagendoorn remarked that “the limbs move, but it is the brain that dances”. In this interactive event, Emily Cross explores how the latest neuroscience research is revealing what’s going on inside our heads as we watch dancers that inspire us to get out of our seats and feel the groove.

This talk was awarded the annual Jacob Bronowski Award Lecture by the British Science Association.

Emily Cross is a professor of Social Robotics at the University of Glasgow. She explores experience-dependent plasticity in the human brain and behaviour using neuroimaging, neurostimulation and behavioural techniques. She has performed a number of studies exploring the impact of affective experience on how we perceive others.

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13th October 2018
Event Type
Arts, Dance, Neuroscience

Start Time: 17:30
End Time: 18:30

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