In association with Science Oxford
From 12 to 22 October 2018

From Grain to Glass: The Science of Distilling

Venue: The Oxford Artisan Distillery, Old Depot, South Park, Cheney Lane, Oxford, OX3 7QJ

Visit The Oxford Artisan Distillery for a scientific tour of its ‘grain to glass’ distillery. Discover how vodka, gin, absinthe and rye whisky are made, following every step from grain to bottle.
Find out about the heritage grains and local botanicals that go into the spirits with Archaeobotanist, John Letts and Master Distiller, Cory Mason. Then meet Nemo and Nautilus, the TOAD stills, and Paul Pridham, the engineer who built them.
Gain a real appreciation of local provenance and the extra mile it takes to make TOAD a true craft distillery.

Tickets: Adults £15, under 18s free.

Ticket includes a complimentary G&T for over 18s. Please bring proof of age.

There may be tickets available on the door – spaces may be reallocated if ticket holders are late.

16th October 2018
Event Type
Engineering, Environment, Food & Drink, History

Start Time: 18:30
End Time: 20:30

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