Festival Magazine 2021


Magazine | Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Dance, Environment & Nature, Food & Drink, Health & Medicine, Maths, Science

This month IF Oxford and OX Magazine have joined forces to create a special science edition, with articles, activities and the full Festival event listings.

If you tell us your postal address and make a donation, we will send you a copy of the IF 2021 magazine, which includes the full events listing.

For guidance, a donation of £5 would cover the cost of producing the magazine and postage to your door.

Features include:

  • Exploring Anti-Body – a new performance from Alexander Whitley Dance Company
  • The naked mathematician: Tom Crawford in-person
  • Freedom of movement: how do animals get around in our modern world?
  • Alice’s Adventures Beyond the Canal: a new short story
  • When being wrong is a good thing for science
  • Chemistry confections: science in the kitchen
  • The Breakup Monologues: the unexpected joy of heartbreak with Rosie Wilby

Check out over 100 in-person and digital Festival events across October in the full IF2021 events listing.

Visit 19 venues in Oxford for in-person events or connect to the online events from anywhere!

IF Oxford is run by a not-for-profit charity (Charity number 1151361) and uses Pay What You Decide (PWYD). This works by enabling you to pre-book events without paying for a ticket beforehand. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to pay what you decide you want to, or can afford. 

If you prefer to download a PDF of the magazine (6.2 MB), click on the link below:

Download IF 2021 Programme (27-page PDF)