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From 12 to 22 October 2018

Exploring Squeeze’s Spot the Difference album (2010)

Venue: Wig and Pen, 9-13 George St, Oxford, OX1 2AU

Why would a band attempt a perfect re-recording of their greatest hits? And what can we find out when they do? Come and join Oxford Brookes’ Popular Music Research Unit to Spot the Difference between Squeeze tracks as they shift across audio formats, record companies and publishers over time.

Squeeze’s Spot the Difference album is an unusual attempt to recreate, note for note, and sound for sound, the original recordings of the band’s greatest hits.  The motivation behind the record was for the band to reclaim lost copyright.  Recorded music copyright mainly consists of three types.  Squeeze had already lost half of the copyright residing in the notes of the songs (type one) and the lyrics (type two) in an early contract, but a loophole in the contract meant that after a period of time had passed, they could attempt to reclaim all of the recording rights (type three) by recreating the original recordings.

PMRU have been exploring the background and ramifications of this album, both for Squeeze themselves, and for what it can tell us about the details of the band’s original signature sound, and more generally, what happens to the sound of recordings as they are reissued time after time and on new formats, and how the complexities of copyright impact the music and sounds that we hear.  At this interactive event, come and join us to explore some of the tracks off the album from their earliest versions through to their appearance on the album, and find out more about our research.

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19th October 2018
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Talk, Workshop
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Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 20:30

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