Experimental drawing: evolution & creativity

28 October, 2:00 pm

2 hours£10

Workshop | Hobbies & Craft, Science, The Arts

Experimental drawing: evolution & creativity

Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Parks Rd, Oxford OX1 3PW

How do creative ideas grow and evolve? Artist Julia Thaxton leads this experimental drawing workshop for you to take a journey of creative exploration. Using exhibits within the Museum of Natural History and no drawing experience necessary, just bring your curiosity and imagination. You can then return to continue and develop your practice when the museum is open throughout the year.

Suitable for teenagers and adults with no previous drawing experience.

Julia Thaxton is an Oxford-based artist. Her artwork explores the sensation of immersion – in water, music, or memory – and the shaping qualities of water. Alongside water-based paints, she uses natural materials (stone dust, sand, chalk, salt, iron and copper powders), and is interested in the evolution of a painting as a gradual process, with the end-destination changing as the journey progresses.

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Oxford University Museum of Natural History, OX1 3PW