Braintastic! Your Irrational Brain

27 October, 5:00 pm

1 hour£5

Performance | The Mind

Braintastic! Your Irrational Brain

Oxford Playhouse, Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2LW

This interactive game show uses demos, experiments and quizzes to show how brains trick us into making irrational decisions every day. Get your voting device ready and navigate the quirks of your brain. This challenge helps you understand human defaults. Can you spot and learn from unconscious bias to make smarter choices?

Join neuroscientist Ginny Smith from Braintastic! Science to discover why irrationality is sometimes the best choice, how your decisions can be swayed without you even knowing it and what gamblers and sportspeople have in common.

To fully take part, you will need a smartphone or tablet to access a web browser.

Suitable for teenagers and adults.

Ginny Smith’s science story started early, inspired by school trips to science museums and kitchen-table experiments at home. Studying at the University of Cambridge opened her eyes to the amazing complexity of the human brain, and she soon discovered that she had a talent for making the complex comprehensible, which took her down a path towards becoming a science writer and presenter. 

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Oxford Playhouse, OX1 2LW