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BLAST! is the Blackbird Leys Astronomy, Science and Technology zone, where you see the stars in a Planetarium, get subatomic with Minecraft and explore the mind with virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Jump into the magic of movies and the wonder of science, with examples from Black Panther.

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Activities include:

Lights, camera, action!

Have you ever dreamed of being a film star, performing hair-raising stunts? Step out of reality and straight into a movie with green screen technology. Create your own action sequence and find out how visual effects are used in movie-making.

Film Oxford


How our brain sees what AI can’t (yet)

Artificial intelligence (AI) can now solve problems, like recognising an animal or object in a photograph, almost as well as humans. Despite these exciting advances, AI can still be surprisingly stupid! See how easily current AI is fooled, and what makes our brains special (for now)!

Department of Experimental Psychology

University of Oxford


Virtual reality and real-world health

Virtual reality (VR) is often enjoyed as an immersive gaming experience. Find out how VR is also used in research to help build confidence and reduce stress in young people. Pop on a headset, test your reactions and see how your body responds.

Department of Experimental Psychology

University of Oxford


The next generation of spacecraft heat shields

How do you safely get spacecraft into space, on to planets and back home when travelling at high speeds through different atmospheres? Learn how scientists are building and testing engines from wind tunnels, liquid crystals to infra-red cameras and take a walk around our lab with virtual reality.

Department of Engineering Science

University of Oxford


The science of Black Panther

Wakanda is an amazing place, with science and technology that looks like magic – but some of that science and technology isn’t far from becoming reality.  Find out how we’re exploring our Universe, hold real meteorites and investigate how we could create levitating vehicles in real life!

Science and Technology Facilities Council

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


Particle physics adventures with Minecraft

Explore a virtual model of the CERN laboratory and ATLAS experiment in the Minecraft computer game. Learn how we study the fundamental building blocks of the universe using silicon particle detectors.

Department of Physics

University of Oxford


Planetarium dome

Step into the Planetarium dome and discover how to navigate the stars, find out how the movement of the Earth creates night and day and observe how the sky changes through the seasons. Hear stories our ancestors told about the cosmos and how these relate to what we know today.

Science and Technology Facilities Council Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and Science Oxford


People like me

Are you an investigator or a communicator, a developer or an explorer? Take a simple personality test and learn about all the different kinds of people who work in science and technology.

University of Oxford



Blackbird Leys Community Centre, Blackbird Leys Road, Oxford, OX4 6HW
28th October 2020

11:00 - 16:00

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Sci-Fi, Space, Technology
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