23 October, 11:00 am

6 hoursPWYD

Interactive | Environment & Nature, Physics, Space, Engineering


The Barn, Nightingale Avenue, Greater Leys, OX4 7BU

BLAST! is Blackbird Leys Awesome Science and Technology zone, where you can meet scientists who are finding solutions to our greatest challenges, on Earth and beyond!

Please help us keep track of venue capacity by booking your approximate arrival time. You can arrive at any time during your hour-long arrival slot, then stay for as long as you like.  Last entry 4pm, event closes at 5pm.

Suitable for ages 7 – 12, teenagers and adults

Activities include:

Quantum computing and you
What is a quantum computer? How is it different from a regular computer? How might quantum computing impact your life? Learn how an ion trap quantum computer works, create your logic gates and explore quantum algorithms with hands-on activities.
National Quantum Computing Centre

 Engineering: the world around us
Look around for a moment – engineering is all around you. If you enjoy solving puzzles, building or fixing things, have a go at some engineering challenges. Discover the role that engineering plays in the world we live in and in the future we want to build.
The Engineering Trust

The wonderful world of water
What critters live in a river? What happens to everything that goes down the drain, and what shouldn’t you flush down the loo? The Evenlode Catchment Partnership team reveal what affects our waterways, and what impacts citizen scientists are making on protecting them.
Evenlode Catchment Partnership, Cotswolds National Landscape

Propulsion power
Unlock the power of propulsion with expert engineers in Oxfordshire. Create your very own vehicle and then race to explore forces and trajectories. How fast can you go?
Reaction Engines

Seeing the invisible
Explore the invisible Universe with the amazing James Webb Space Telescope, launched on Christmas Day 2021, sending us beautiful images of deep space. Back on Earth, find out how the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source examines the world around us, from dinosaur eggs to Samurai swords, and aeroplane wings to spider silk.
STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

The story of fusion
Journey from the early 1900s to today and discover the story of fusion energy. Explore how superconductivity, magnetic fields, cryogenics, plasma physics and materials science come together to create both the hottest and coldest places on Earth within a metre of each other.
Tokamak Energy Ltd

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The Barn, Greater Leys, OX4 7BU