In association with Science Oxford
From 12 to 22 October 2018

8 Minutes (15:00)

Venue: Oxford Playhouse, 11 – 12 Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2LW

It takes just 8 minutes for sunlight to travel 93 million miles to Earth. In this unique collaboration with scientists from STFC RAL Space, choreographer Alexander Whitley takes inspiration from the stunning imagery of solar research. Dance, film and music take us on a journey through the universe, revealing the drama of the burning ball of plasma that illuminates our planet and exploring our relationship with the star that gives us light.

With an installation of high-definition imagery from visual artist Tal Rosner and a specially created score by the electroacoustic music innovator Daniel Wohl, 8 Minutes captures our curiosity and wonder for this unimaginably vast subject.

Suitable for age 8+

13th October 2018
Event Type
Arts, Dance, Music, Space

Start Time: 15:00
End Time: 16:00

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