Past Festivals

IF Oxford 2020 reached 21,000 people through 101 events over 31 days.

The Festival was delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic as a digital and print-led Festival.

Download the IF Oxford 2020 report, PDF

With pubs and restaurants closed, the Festival hosted food and drink events for coffee, apples, chocolate and gin, with sample packs sent out by post.

The Festival teamed up with Oxford Playhouse, Mandala Theatre and the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute to create the play small hours. 

Physiology and Anatomy researchers worked with choreographers, CGI artists and youth dancers from Parasol Project to explore the origin of heartbeats as they used video-grade motion capture to create the animated musical artwork Digital Body.

Explorazone Digital, the Festival’s flagship interactive event, combined video booths, at-home activities and postal kits sent to homes across the UK and beyond.

The six-week project Glow Your Own involved Harwell researchers and Fusion Arts teaching coding and lantern making skills, distributing Arduinos and electronics kits nationwide.

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